Perks of Bitewing X-Rays

Dental treatments come with major advancements now. A dental x-ray is the living proof to that. This device helped countless individuals who have issues with their teeth, gums and jaw.Perks of Bitewing X-Rays

Based on analysis, dental x-rays are among the top solutions in diagnosing dental problems. Since this dental device utilizes electromagnetic radiation, a 24 hour dentist in LA can form wavelengths that can go through the soft tissues of your body and produce images of it. Any dental problems that aren’t visible can be identified thru dental x-rays.

Besides tooth decay and cavities, dental x-rays can detect periodontal disease, bite problems and even cancer. No wonder why it is one of the most sophisticated treatments today.

Dental x-rays come with several varieties. The most common is the bitewing x-rays.

Bitewing x-rays resemble a ‘T’ shape film. It is placed on the interior side of your jaw that can cover both upper and lower teeth. To utilize this device properly, the patient is needed to bite a certain tab to secure the film and keep it in perfect place. After securing the film, an x-ray camera is used to capture several areas of your teeth. The captured images becomes available immediately after a few minutes. Indeed, this type of dental x-ray is quick and convenient.

However, there are setbacks associated with this dental device. As outlined by research, bitewing x-rays often give a slight pinch particularly against the roof of your mouth resulting to gagging sensation. As this happens, your dentist will reposition the film. This will allow you to breathe thru your nose to make you comfortable all throughout the session.

Bitewing dental x-rays are good in checking the back area of your teeth. Therefore, this device is helpful in determining cavities in between your teeth as well as gingivitis or advanced gum disease. Bitewings are also used for tooth alignment problem and build-up of dental tartars. Dental tartars are hardened sticky films of bad bacteria that cannot be easily removed by toothbrush. Measuring bone loss caused by advanced periodontitis is also done thru bitewing x-rays. There’s no doubt why most periodontists utilize this device in diagnosing and treating gum problems.

Regardless of how convenient bitewing x-ray is, dentists don’t allow this device during your initial visit. In most cases, your dentist applies a set of occlusal x-rays. This certain device allows your dentist to have a quick view of your entire jaw. Other dentists will also use panoramic x-rays. These are digitally powered x-rays that can capture or photograph your entire mouth in a single image.

Dental x-rays come in several types these days. But dentists cannot deny that the bitewing x-ray truly stands out among them. The device is really impressive especially during interval checkups. It helps dentists in spotting changes in your teeth, gums and jaw in a short span of time! So if you want to save time and money, these might be suggested to you.

If you want to monitor your dental health, bitewings can be of help. But make sure you’re working with a professional dentist.