Tooth Discoloration Causes and Treatment

Dental Care is Equal to Healthy Teeth

Each smile is unique. People have different standards of what a perfect smile looks like but most of the time it involves the uniformity of the teeth, absence of tooth decay and cavities, and most especially it needs to be as white as pearl and even whiter if possible. Possessing whiter teeth give people an extra boost of confidence and lift their mood. This fondness and in some ways obsession over white teeth pushes people to put so much effort on taking care of their teeth.

For some reason, even if you brush, floss and use teeth whitening products, your teeth still turn yellowish or darken. Here are some of the causes and ways to manage teeth discoloration to improve your smiles.

Food and drinks. Your teeth’s enamel is definitely subject to wear and tear every day. Coffee lovers may have the benefits of fighting plaque causing bacteria but on the other hand, coffee stains the teeth making them darker. The same story goes, for tea, soda, wines, certain foods and vegetables that are highly pigmented. The best way to avoid teeth staining is to limit the consumption of these food and drinks or use straws to limit the contact of foods and drinks to your teeth.

Smoking and tobacco use. Smokers are known for their dark and plaque ridden teeth. The chemicals in cigarette and tobacco also cause the tooth’s enamel to erode exposing more yellow colored teeth. It would be advisable to quit chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes to avoid teeth staining.

Poor dental hygiene. The habits mentioned above like eating and drinking teeth staining foods as well as smoking paired up with poor dental hygiene can cause havoc to your dental health. Neglecting dental hygiene can not only make your teeth look darker but also cause dental problems like tooth decay, plaque and gum disease. You should always brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash to get rid of bacteria and food stains that stick on your tooth’s enamel.

Medication. Some medications cause teeth staining. There are antibiotics that discolor the teeth. People with health conditions often have discolored teeth because of the prescribed medication for them like antihistamines, antipsychotic, and antihypertensive drugs. You can always ask your 24 hour dentist Los Angeles for options if you want to whiten your teeth but be sure to inform your dentist of your health condition and the medications that you use.

Aging. Older people have teeth discoloration caused by the accumulated stains and the state of their tooth’s enamel over the course of time. They have to take extra care of their natural teeth as they are more prone to staining and tooth decay. A regular dental visit and good dental habits would help lighten stained teeth.

There are plenty of options and ways to take better care of your smiles. Teeth discoloration is caused by many factors. The most important thing to remember is to just always make a conscious effort to have good dental habits and have regular visits to the dentist to avoid dark teeth.