Dental Risks Provided by Bone Disease

For the past years, humans have been dealing with different medical illnesses, including issues to their bones. One common bone disease experienced is osteoporosis. The condition is very popular to postmenopausal women. Nevertheless, this doesn’t leave men and women of all age free from the risks of osteoporosis.

According to experts, anyone can fall victim to osteoporosis. People who have this condition suffer from decreased bone density and bone loss. And by means of bone loss, this includes your teeth. This explains the line or connection between oral health and osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that affects your bone density because of lack of calcium. It causes bone fracture that could spread all throughout your body which starts from your hips, spines, wrists to your jaw and teeth. Men and women who have osteoporosis are susceptible to dental risks. When your teeth and jawbones start to get damaged and fragile, expect the surrounding areas be at risk from dental irregularities.

There are lots of reasons of getting dental problems. Aside from dental neglect and bad oral habits, medical conditions, too, make you prone from dental perils. Examples are osteoporosis and its potential to cause tooth loss and gum disease. Tooth loss, otherwise known as missing teeth problems, is a permanent of losing your tooth. Gum disease, on the contrary, is a rampant gum infection that impacts your gums, its surrounding tissues and teeth. The primary cause of this condition is having excessive levels of bacteria and dental plaques. When tooth loss and gum disease transpire because of osteoporosis, the bone structure of your teeth and jawbone start to deteriorate, leaving pus or pockets of space behind. The spaces are perfect avenues for dental plaques. When left untreated, this could result to dental abscess.

The risks brought on by osteoporosis begin from dental pulp infection and tooth erosion due to dental plaques found in spaces. Moreover, expect dental irregularities, like ill-fitting dentures, missing teeth problems and periodontitis (the severe form of gum disease), too.

As expressed above, anyone can be at risk from osteoporosis. However, when it comes to dental perils, women having this condition are three times prone to dental complications, like tooth loss. If you click this link now, you will unearth that majority of toothless patients due to osteoporosis are women. However, as stated above, men aren’t completely off the hook when it comes to this bone disease. Based on experts, men are prone to osteoporosis more when they are not exercising healthy lifestyle. Men are susceptible to osteoporosis when they are underweight, have low levels of testosterone, are not physically active and lack of calcium intake. Men with illnesses to their organs or hormone levels also are at risk from osteoporosis. Similar with other forms of bad oral habits, excessive smoking and drinking also can contribute to health issues, such as bone disease.

Despite osteoporosis’ risks to our health, it pays to learn they are preventable. With professional dental care, you can learn the efficient ways of combating dental problems and the health risks associated with them, like osteoporosis.