Eradicate Tooth Infection thru Endodontic Retreatment

Professional dentists work to achieve one goal. And that is to save your tooth. That is why countless dental treatments are available nowadays to ensure you get the most appropriate care for you and oral health. One famous treatment offered in saving tooth is root canal.

Root canal allows you to remove the infection and save your tooth. Unlike the previous years, it comes now with pain-free procedures, courtesy to the new technology. Dentistry has never been this comfortable! However, root canal’s effectiveness relies on the patient’s condition. There are instances wherein root canal doesn’t work well. Usually, it happens when root canals don’t heal on the expected time.

With this, dental patients maybe suggested with other option. And that is endodontic retreatment.

Endodontic retreatment becomes necessary if your dentist aims to save your teeth from extraction. Majority of patients who consider this just had their root canal treatment. Unlike root canal treatment, this retreatment fully extracts the infections. Your dentist will remove the infected issues, including your pulp and root. As we all know, the most common reason when your tooth doesn’t heal in time is because infections are still lurking within your root canals. If left ignored, this might cause re-infection.

If you are experiencing unending discomfort after the root canal procedure, you might need an endodontic retreatment. As expressed above, endodontic retreatment becomes a necessity if your root canals don’t heal in time despite the ample amount of pain medication you take.

Endodontic retreatment is similar with typical root canal treatment. First step is your dentist will access your roots to remove the crowns and other filling materials. This is to ensure zero unhealthy remains. After removing the filling materials, your dentist will reshape the root’s canal through files, followed also by proper dental cleaning of the area. After conducting several assessments and x-rays, your dentist will identify whether or not the area’s completely free from infection. If yes, he can now proceed with filling procedure, using a new crown or material.

Although this is somehow similar with typical root canal treatment, dentists find this therapy to be more precise and better in removing the entire infection. Besides performing x-ray, your dentist may use an operating microscope to ensure no bacteria.

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, expect this one to be less invasive. Of course, only your dentist can tell if this therapy fits to you. Again, just like other treatments, not all are candidates for this procedure especially if it concerns with dental health for kids. If you think you are, you better ask a professional endodontist. Professional endodontists are basically the type of dentists who perform a professional retreatment.

If you want to save your tooth despite its severe infection, endodontic retreatment might be your best shot to achieve it.