The Bad Breath Tale

Teeth are like us, humans. They can be good if treated well. And they can be painfully mean if otherwise. Therefore,  if you experience tooth pain you must have done wrong. No wonder why it’s always sensible to learn dental care.

Dental care is the number one preventive method that fights dental problems. The most common and basic dental care practice is the flossing and brushing of your teeth daily. The method protects teeth from bad bacteria, traces of sugar and possible risks of dental difficulties like cavities and periodontal disease.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - SolutionsWhile a person decides to stop oral hygiene and dental care, chances of developing dental problems are high. Aside from affecting your dental health this puts a damper on your entire life. And speaking of negatively affecting your life, one of the most typical dental problems experienced by men and women today is bad breath.

Bad breath goes by many names like: halitosis, terrible breath, awful breath and dreadful breath. Bad breath truly is a huge burden to your dental health.


Having bad breath is embarrassing. That is why it pays to learn the root causes of bad breath and how can you get rid of it!

 Root Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a known biological reaction. This is characterized as the release of volatile sulfur due to hydrogen sulfide and methyl marcaptan.

Dental professionals stated that bad breath exists due to several reasons. The most prevalent cause is bad oral habits. The term implies skipping daily flossing, brushing of teeth and regular dental visits with your dentist. Other culprits that cause bad breath are the food traces that remain in your mouth and teeth even after your brush. As the food debris start to rot, it begins to smell.

Bad breath can be of many things. And it can also be triggered by plenty of things, instances and occurrences. Here are the other bad lists that cause bad breath.

Food – Aside from food traces, there are exactly certain foods that cause bad breath. Among these foods are onions, garlic, cheese and other dairy product items. The aforementioned foods are most likely called as smelly foods. Smelly foods affect the digestive process. Research indicated that these types of foods induce strong gases which might result to a very unpleasant odor. If left ignored, the gases become twice stinky, causing bad breath.

Tongue – A lot of dentists verified that tongue brushing is the key for healthier mouth. The main reason is to prevent bad bacteria. Bad bacteria are among the root causes of bad breath. Since tongue is bacteria’s favorite place to hang-out, it’s wise to discover ways about how you can avert it from flourishing. The lesser your acquire bacteria, the lesser chances of developing this problem.

Excessive Vitamin Usage – Vitamins are body’s energizer. They are designed for health purposes. However, uncontrollable usage of this supplement can cause risks of tummy ache. Apart from that, the practice is discovered to promote bad breath.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions – Bad breath can be acquired based on your condition. This is among the given facts why your dental health plays an integral role to your overall welfare. One of the most common medical conditions that cause bad breath is dry mouth. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth is identified as decreased of saliva production due to other preexisting medical conditions, like anemia and diabetes. As a result of reduced production of saliva, bad breath arises.

Cavities are also other factors that induce bad breath. Thanks to your decayed tooth that is unlikely to produce a bad odor. If left unchecked cavities may result to an abscess. A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that carries countless bad bacteria which adds and additional ingredient to the bad breath experience.

How to Fight and Resolve Bad Breath?

The factors mentioned above are just among the few that trigger bad breath.

There are several easy steps to fight bad breath. The solution is already stated above – dental care. Hence, this obliged you to floss, brush your teeth on daily basis and never skip seeing a local  dentist in LA. Bad breath can also be averted through over-the-counter remedies. Studies proved that :breath mints, strips and mouthwashes reduce potential risks of bad breath. These preventive ways can be your ticket for achieving fresh breath. To top it all, fighting bad breath means practicing good oral hygiene or dental care and visiting your dentist at least twice every year.