Tongue-Piercing – A No No

Body modification is a form of art – from tattoos down to body piercing; individuals treat this person as a form of self-expression. Based on research, this practice started in tribal cultures. Later on, the behavior then becomes a common practice to fetish communities and even to several local malls. No wonder why annually, lots of people are recorded to have engaged with body-piercing and tattooing.Tongue-Piercing - Why Should Not Engage With It

While most people consider body-piercing, few individuals realized its risks on dental health. Luckily,a  24 hr dental clinic like ours is there to save you.

Experts affirmed that body-piercing comes several varieties. Other than ear piercing, tongue-piercing is the second most popular type of body piercing. This process lets a person clamped his tongue in place before positioning the jewelry. After that, the artist will force to ram the needle through the tongue’s flesh. A hole is then expected to form. Once the needle successfully jammed into the flesh, it is replaced with a stretched out bar to suffice room for future swelling caused by the procedure. Usually, this is utilized when the piercing heals. Therefore, this is worn six weeks – adequate enough to let the pain subside.

Although tongue-piercing is a form of art and oftentimes used by individuals as a way to lose weight, experts advocate its risks to the dental health.

According to research, tongue piercing started in tribal cultures, particular in Mayan and Aztec cultures. This practice is used to give honor to their gods. Unlike today, the vacant space created by tongue piercing is used for rituals – not something used for jewelry adornment. The practice only commenced by the Western populace. Unfortunately, the trend popularize by Western community is discovered to cause serious dental problems, like bad bite or commonly known as malocclusion.

Malocclusion is harmless but is a sure serious dental problem. This problem is recently discovered by dental experts as a result of jewelry adornment. Malocclusion makes your teeth chipped, causing serious damages to the gums. If untreated, this can result to periodontal disease. Dentists confirmed that malocclusion can only be treated by braces. In addition to malocclusion is mouth infection.

Tongue piercing requires stainless steel. However, the material used can increase risks of mouth infection. Research shows, the stainless steel associated with tongue piercing elevate levels of bad bacteria. These bacteria affect the oral health. No wonder why body art fans are strongly reminded about the adverse effects of tongue piercing.

While considering the negative facts of tongue piercing, you must keep in mind that minimizing the habit alone isn’t sufficient. Remember that enhancing oral health is best done through oral hygiene. This involves regular brushing of teeth and flossing them on a daily basis. Also, consider seeing your dentist more often. Your personal will give you dental care tips fit for you as well as remind you about unhealthy habits and practice which can compromise your oral health.

If you desire to enhance your oral health, consider healthy lifestyle, oral hygiene and regular dental visits.