Why Not Fear with Dental Anxiety and Fear?

Girl frightened by dentists covers her mouth

There are 15 percent of Americans reported with dental anxiety today. This dental phobia is considered as among the deadliest difficulties faced today. Because aside from inducing sweaty hands, tension and frustration, dental anxiety paralyzes your interest of dentists or dental treatments.

Luckily, we have available treatments for that guilty party.

But what really causes dental anxiety? How to prevent it? Can you overcome this problem? And should you be scared with this?

Dental professionals further stressed that dental anxiety shouldn’t be feared. Of course, this doesn’t imply ignoring the problem. But this simply means overcoming the problem using the right solution with the help of a rightful person.

Dental anxiety can be acquired in different situations, reasons and occurrences. One of the main causes is having an awful experience during the first dental visit. Dental anxiety may also stem from feeling out of control inside a dental office situation. Moreover, dental professionals stated that a person who most likely ignore or neglect their dental health often triggers dental anxiety.

Regardless of the causes, dental anxiety shouldn’t be overlooked. It requires immediate attention with your dentist as soon as possible!

Based on research, the most common tool for overcoming dental anxiety and fear is sedation dentistry. This includes the use of local anesthesia, general anesthesia, oral sedation, laughing gas, computer-generated anesthesia and nitrous oxide. Sedation dentistry handles anxious patients. Its main goal is to promote relaxation especially to those who are struggling during the dental visit.

Other relaxing techniques that fight dental anxiety are yoga and acupuncture. Clearly, yoga and acupuncture promote steady breathing. Aside from that, this stimulates your nerves to relax which makes you comfortable during your dental session. Recent study shows also proved that listening to music eases dental anxiety. No wonder why music isn’t just for entertainment but for health purposes as well. Dental anxiety patients can also try hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy type of session where are patient’s responses, attitudes and behaviors are changed subconsciously.

Anxious patients shouldn’t be afraid with dental anxiety. With all the available treatments and our 24 hour dentists in Los Angeles available to you, its dental anxiety that should be scared!