Amazing Dinner Meals for Oral Health

Healthy Dinner for Teeth

You make time for dental visits and take care of your teeth by your dental hygiene routines; but all these will not work if your diet and habits comprise sugary, salty and high-fat foods. Dental visits which come by twice or thrice a year help out in cleaning and maintaining your oral health but the daily struggle at your home is real.

The commercial food products and pre-packed items you buy may satisfy your cravings and are conveniently available in a snap of a finger. But are loaded with calories and carbs that harm your teeth and health. Ordering your meals can be pricey and doesn’t really offer the nutrients your body actually need. The best way to take control of your dinner table is to prepare easy meals from fresh ingredients with less sugar yourself. Here are some dinner meals you can prepare for you and your family to take care of your teeth one dinner at a time.

Black bean rice burgers. This is a vegetarian take on the well-loved burger. The vegetarian patties are a great substitute that is healthier without sacrificing the taste. It also has vitamin B3 and phosphorus that boosts the health of your tooth’s enamel and gums will surely help prevent tooth erosion and gum diseases.

Black bean and salsa soup. This soup is easy to prepare and will give you protein and vitamin to boost your immune system. Gums will be well-protected from gum diseases plus it will make you feel fuller lessening the chances of you getting a midnight snack.

Broccoli cheese soup. The components of this soup are highly rich in vitamins C, K and B. The cheese also gives you calcium that will make your teeth and bones stronger. This soup will benefit your gums and teeth for sure.

Broccomole. This low in fat alternative for guacamole is packed with vitamin C and fiber that will not harm your teeth, unlike the usual guacamole.

Nutritional Snacks for Teeth

On-call dentist strongly reminded us that it is important to load your body with calcium and phosphorus-rich foods because these are the main minerals that make up your bones and teeth. The minerals and nutrients of your dinner are best absorbed at night as the body works and repair your organs as you sleep. Incorporating vegetables and fruits into your dinner will supply the needed fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that are needed for your body to absorb calcium better.

Tooth erosion and plaque formation can be reversed by the food you eat. The calcium and phosphorus that are lost from your tooth’s enamel due to the acidic foods and drinks can be replenished. Eating vegetables and fruits rich in these micronutrients can reverse the demineralization.

Just like brushing and flossing every day, you have the power to do healthy food practices for your meals. There are plenty of options to choose from and the combinations are endless. You can whip up healthy dinner meals that are great for your teeth and bones that will satisfy your hunger and your palate.