Common Snacks You Thought Were Healthy

There are branded products that carry all the necessary nutrients and vitamins which your body need. The popularity of these healthy foods you like to snack on may deceive you from their true colors. Many snacks that are so-called the healthier choice are not what they claim to be.

Snacks to Ponder

Granola Bars. Mixed oats, nuts, and fruits are all too promising and in fact healthy. But the common granola bar you consume comes with sugar, corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils that make them sweet and tasty. These bars do not differ from candy bars and sodas in the sugar content. And like these sweet treats, granola bars pose a big threat to the health of your teeth. The high fructose corn syrup makes all the difference and makes the supposed healthy ingredients to be unhealthy. Be sure to look at labels and prepare yourself for the sugar loaded content of granola bars. The sugar sticks to your tooth and becomes a feeding ground for the bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. Just because the box tells you that it’s whole-wheat and they have fruits added into it don’t mean it comes with a variety of nutrients and minerals. It would be better if you make your own granola bars to make sure you have total control of the sugar content of your snacks.

Good vs Bad Food Choices

Fruit Juices. The common juice boxes can offer you small percentages of vitamins and fiber but aside from that, it can load you up with so much sugar it rivals sodas. The acidity of fruit juices also is a leading cause of tooth erosion making your teeth sensitive to certain temperatures. It’s best to just avoid fruit juices you see on in stores and drink water. If you really can’t stay away from your juice drink, you can use straws to limit the contact of the juice to your teeth.

Frozen yogurt. Yogurts are popular dairy products which most walk in dental offices recommend because of its calcium and other mineral contents. Plus the probiotics that help our teeth and bones stay strong and healthy. This is true for Greek yogurts that are plain and were extracted from cows that were raised without the antibiotics and growth hormones; unlike the cows that the commercialized yogurts are made from. The flavors and sweeteners are staining your teeth and are more harmful than healthful. The toppings of these desserts are also packed with sugar like chocolate and sprinkles. Even the fruit variety is loaded with sugar. If you want to help protect your teeth and enjoy the real benefits of yogurt, be sure to buy the Greek and plain variety. Add this on your favorite fresh fruits for flavor.

You have to watch out for the foods you eat as it will definitely affect the health of your teeth. The main concern of dentists are foods are projected as healthy for your teeth and body but actually aren’t. Always be cautious on labels and sugar portions of your food for healthier teeth.