Whole Grain Benefits: Corn and Dental Health

Whole grain crops have long been praised because of its excellent nutrients that help your body. One crop that is widely produced in America that contains a lot of dental benefits is corn.

Corns are can be seen in various forms. You can enjoy it as syrup, on a cob or the all-time favorite of movie goers, popcorn. This snack is considered whole grain as its cereal germ, bran and endosperm are intact that contains all the dental health benefits. It is packed with vitamins and minerals more than the usual cereal grains in the market.

Corn can offer you a lot of health benefits. Apart from being a tasty snack, it is a valuable crop packed with a lot of healthy features. The list that follows is among the nutrients found in corn that enhances your dental health.

Wholesome Perks of Whole Grain

Fiber. The dietary fiber found in corn helps maintain the gums and teeth. It can help in taking away plaque formation. Plus boosting production of saliva to wash away the acidity in the mouth. Fiber is an effective way of polishing your teeth and scraping off plaque.

Thiamin. This vitamin helps in tissue maintenance and the sure prevention of irritation of the tongue and other oral tissues. It also aids in boosting the immune system and preventing the odds of gum disease. Together with the other B vitamins, this helps in various organs and body functions in the body.

Phosphorus. This mineral, together with calcium, help you have strong teeth and bones. It aids in absorbing calcium into bones and teeth. This makes your enamel and jaw bones stronger to keep your teeth in place. Phosphorus can help avoid loose teeth and gum diseases.

Vitamin C. Corn can give you a boost in your immune system. This helps your teeth and gums in the attack of bacteria or gum diseases. The deficiency in vitamin C could make you prone to infections and inflammations.

Antioxidants. Corn has zeaxanthin, lutein, anthocyanins and ferulic acid that serve as antioxidants. These ward off cancer cells and other harmful free radicals that cause cancer.

Polyphenols. Corn also has polyphenols that help manage inflammations on tissues. This helps to kill bacteria that cause most cases of periodontal diseases. It will definitely be a great line of defense for your gum health.

Magnesium. This mineral plays a lot of roles in the body. Most of its functions are on the muscles, heart and your immune system. This plays a big role in the bone formation as well as it boosts your immune system to avoid tooth decay and gum diseases.

The health benefits of corn would make you love them even more. Some of which may come as a surprise. This would be a great way of introducing whole grain foods to your diet in addition to other healthy fruits and vegetables to have a balanced diet. Use the power of corn alongside dental care regimen and oral hygiene practices to have healthier teeth and gums.

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