Dental Health: The White Wine Effect

White-ish Perks of White Wines

Just like your favorite foods the drinks and beverages that you sip throughout the day can affect your pearly whites. Your food choices can make or break your dental health. This is because foods and drinks pass through the mouth and come in direct contact with your teeth and gums.

Enjoying a glass of white wine seems to be a better choice over red wine. You may think that its color makes it more teeth friendly but sad to say you have to think again. Here is a list of reasons white wine can pose serious damage to your teeth. Remember your enamel should be strong and it should withstand all the drinks and food you throw along its way. With the help of your 24 hour dentist LA, you can continue your dental care regimen on a daily basis.

Teeth Staining. Red wines can cause direct discoloration and staining to teeth enamel due to its rich pigment but the acidity of white wine can cause more staining in the long run. Like mentioned earlier, the acidity of white wine can cause significant damage to your tooth’s enamel making it more susceptible to staining agents like foods and drinks. The weaker your enamel is, the faster your teeth get stained.

All hope isn’t lost for the white wine lover though. There are tricks to lessen the harmful effects it can do to your teeth. You can drink your favorite vino and chew on some cheese to promote saliva production. Saliva plays a big role in keeping the ph balance of the mouth and lower down the acidic levels. You can also drink water in between sips of wine to wash away wine residue in the mouth and your teeth. You should never forget to brush your teeth before going to bed to make sure your teeth are clean and safe from acid residues. Be sure not to brush directly after drinking your wine because the enamel is sure to be softened at that point. Brushing would only worsen the tooth erosion.

Tooth erosion is a natural event especially in times of eating and drinking.  Enjoying life’s guilty pleasures help you live a happier life. Just be sure to do your dental care routines regularly and eat balanced meals to make up for cheat days.

Dentists help you achieve the kind of oral health you need. Although there are home-care remedies for your teeth and gums, it pays to seek professional help from a dentist. Dentists will educate you about dental care and bad oral habits that could result in dental problems. These habits however involve white wines. Nonetheless, dentists don’t forbid you from quitting abruptly. Besides toning down your white wine intake, dentists provide distractions that can help you control your thirst towards this drink.

It may not be as easy as pie but dental care plays a vital role in our lives. The more you resist from this just so you can continue your white wine habit, the more you become prone from dental issues. No need to fret though if you have oral issues. Dentistry has gone through major advancements now.