Portion Size Control and its Oral Health Benefits

You are often told in many instances that bigger is better. People prefer a bigger television, a bigger house, a bigger serving of cake and pies, and a bigger glass of wine and so on. But for your body and dental health, bigger is not always better.

The portion sizes in restaurants and food places get bigger and bigger without you noticing it. There is a big demand for larger serving sizes yet nutritional values drop. Your eating habits are being changed overnight due to the unwavering allure of advertisements you see on ads for food cravings you didn’t know you had.

The foods we eat are the source for our body’s nutrition and energy. Without it, all cellular functions would stop. Extra nutrients and carbohydrates are stored in your body as fat so you could tap in them whenever you go to any rigorous activities and need energy.

The foods served in today’s modern society are of large proportions that our bodies find it hard to keep up. Too much food is consumed in a day that stored fat is getting thicker in a day. The regular consumption of foods in large amounts leads to weight gain and obesity for some. Obesity is also related to oral health problems like plaque and dental carries due to large amounts of added sugar to the meals.

The best way to stop putting on the weight or prevent it is to learn to control portion sizes. A task that is hard to do especially nowadays that we don’t even know what a descent portion size look like. It may sound like a great feat to overcome the world’s food stigma but slow and steady steps go a long way.

Plate. The plates of many restaurants are getting bigger and serving sizes do too. The key to control your portion size would be to buy a new plate. Buy a small plate. You should always eat on your plate and not on the package of the food itself. This makes you see the amount of serving that you are having.

Map. Make your plate like a map with different countries with their corresponding borders. Based on 24 hour dentist LA, you can start off with assigning one quarter to have lean meat and call it the lean meat country. The next quarter, with whole carbs or the whole-grained carbohydrates that are less on added sugar and rich in fiber. The remaining half of your plate should be filled with crispy leafy greens. These greens help in boosting immunity and brushes away bad bacteria.

Always remember that portion sizes are important to lessen the amount of food intake, but food choice are key to making this portion size control work. Don’t skip major meals and snack on plant based foods in small portions to avoid over eating in the next meal.

The choice of food together with right portion control can help your weight issues and dental health so much. Be brave to try fruits and vegetables to add variety to your meals. Simple steps should be taken one day at a time for the road to perfect dental and body health.