Preserving Nutrient Content of Foods for Better Oral Health

We often look at our meals and not see beyond the plate served in front of us. The preparation and cooking of food have influenced most of our preference and eating habits. These habits affect our dental health as we consume foods that are, one way or the other, causing oral health risks.

Most of the foods we eat are processed and manufactured whether we like it or not. Most of these foods cause tooth decay and gum problems due to their preparation and content. Manufactured foods mean well when they prepare foods in a way they kill the microbes that cause diseases and preserve food longer than their natural shelf life. The products of processed foods last longer and free from harmful bacteria but lacks the nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need.  This is because vitamins and minerals are not stable and cooking in high temperatures strip them off of our foods.

Here are some ways you can keep the nutritional value of foods to help give your dental protection from bacteria and cavities.

For healthy and safe food. You should handle food in the most hygienic and properly manner as possible.  When you buy foods, always look at labels on their proper storage procedures. You should also limit adding sugar, salt and fat to the foods that you buy.

Flavor and taste. Instead of adding salt and sugars that can damage your teeth, you can use herbs and spices as well as stocks. These alternatives are plant-based and are healthy ways of introducing your family to a new variety of taste that’s full of healing properties and is packed with taste.

Cooking methods. If you have to cook fruits and vegetables, you should cook them just in time to serve them. You can Blanche vegetables to bring out their bright color yet cooked enough not to strip off the vitamins and minerals it has to offer. Tender cuts of meat can be braised or stewed in liquid very slowly. And if you choose to stir-fry fresh meat, fish, and vegetables, always use a small amount of oil and keep a high flame in a shorter period.

Preparing nutritious meals can be tricky sometimes. Walk in dentist stated the key idea is that the lesser amount of cooking time would mean more nutrient value for the meal you’re cooking. You have to be more conscientious in choosing ways to treat your food to get the best value of what you’re paying.

Your oral health is dependent in the food you eat and the diet that you follow. Consuming foods with added sugar and salt or oil would risk your dental health and your body from having weight problems and cavities or periodontal diseases.

Dentists warn us of sugary treats but it is a growing concern that food preparation and cooking methods are attributing to dental problems. Help yourself to a more healthy and nutritious meal each time. Start with sugar-free food products or items.