Xylitol: Preventing Cavities Never Tasted So Sweet

The pursuit to add more sugary and sinful delights unto our daily lives has been one of the unhealthiest vices of the modern day man. Ever since the demand for sugary treats fluctuated, various products that tickle the taste buds were made. Sadly, this caused more damage to our dental and overall health, as per proved by 24 hour dentist around Los Angeles. Warnings about our intake and consumption of starchy and sugar-rich foods were set aside as people blindly purchase and consume quick fixes. Brushing off the effects on our dental health does not change the fact that it does. All hope is not lost though as people have looked for a more natural alternative to satisfy that sugar fix that all of us definitely crave for. The answer of experts to it is xylitol.

Experts find xylitol a unique sugar additive. It has the same qualities of sugar and taste like it as well. Being natural makes it low on calories and absorbability like normal nutrients would enter the body. The potential of it as a sugar substitute on products is limitless that it is used on several products. Most dentists would advise patients to use products with xylitol knowing and in full confidence that their patients would benefit from it.

Tooth decay is caused by plaque that the bacteria streptococcus mutans create. Plaque sticks to the teeth and produces acids that eventually damage the tooth causing tooth decay. Although it is quite normal to have plaques, a severe proportion of plaque accumulation is quite dreadful. Inflammation would result as the body’s normal reaction to infections. The gums would suffer greatly and put you at greater risk of gum disease. The bacteria feed mainly on glucose from the food that we eat but they cannot feed on xylitol. When we replace the use of sugar with xylitol, the amount of sugar that fuels the harmful bacteria significantly drops. Using xylitol would essentially clog the energy pathway of the bacteria thus hampering its sugar metabolism making it starve to death. Inhibiting the sugar consumption of the bacteria slowly killing it would mean that fewer decay-causing bacteria would be able to survive on the tooth surfaces.

It has been proven that by replacing your daily consumption of sugar with xylitol, the risk of having dental problems is significantly lower. The drop in the acidity promotes the growth of the natural bacteria found in our mouth.  Xylitol can also balance the alkalinity of our saliva. This helps fight acid driven degradation of tooth enamel. It also encourages mineral-rich saliva to flow into the mouth that helps protect and re-mineralize teeth by repairing the deep layers of the enamel.

It is essential that we look out for our oral health and prevent cavities. Among the many benefits of xylitol, reducing plaque and gum infection would definitely lower the risk of many chronic diseases and would benefit the rest of the body as well. Conscientiously choosing better options for our pearly whites has now become easier and sweeter.

A variety of sugar-free chewing gums may also add your taste of improving oral health. Talk to your dentist and find out what suits your needs.